3 Simple Self-Care Practices to A Healthier You

Life is busy and filled to the brim with things to focus on. We have children, school, work and housework. We rarely make time to focus on ourselves. I think the reason being is, we are so focused on goals and making a better life for ourselves and children that we convince ourselves that this is self-care. To be honest I do not know what self-care looks like because I was never taught it. I know we have the internet and so much information out there to start with but coming from a lack of understanding of the necessity for self-care was absent. I have to say that now I am doing my best to inculcate self-care into my daily routines.

So, I have started a list to slowly work self-care into my life.

  1. Self-care is not one thing it can be multiple things.
    • For instance, resting when your body is tired. I am guilty of pushing myself to the limit not wanting to be labelled as being lazy because I need a break sometimes. I realize now how foolish it is to think that way, but it’s one of those things that stick with you.
    • Feeding your body well and getting enough water is a huge one. For a while, I would try to stick to diets, but I realized that as long as I am eating healthy 90% of the time I’ll be fine. Of course, getting some exercise has its role and that can be as simple as going to the gym three times a week or even walking to places that are close by.
    • Taking time for you and getting a break from your normal routine. I am not saying just throughout your daily routine and create chaos, what I am saying is to loosen the reigns once in a while and just relax.
  2. This one is a difficult one for me because anytime I say to myself, “I need to meditate” I will literally find something else to do. No joke, as soon as the thought pops up, I run! I know that it is not helpful, and it is important for me to sit with myself and think. Lately though when I drop my boys off for school I go and sit at the park before I head back home, and I turn everything off, roll down the windows and I just listen. I really just sit there and listen to the bugs buzzing, the leaves of the trees moving, and I listen to the sound of my breathing. I have to admit anytime I do that I feel a huge relief and I am better throughout the day because of it. We can’t allow our anxiety’s and stresses be in control we must take small measures initially so that in turn they become big measures and we become balanced and centred in our lives.
  3. I do not feel I realized how important this was until I had an outburst recently. Sometimes, my brain will get hectic with so many conflicting worries buzzing around that I get mentally exhausted, and I lash out at others. What I am learning from those situations is that we all need someone to talk to whether it’d be family, friend, partner, or joining a group. There’s also therapy to consider. Sometimes, we just need to get our thoughts out and have someone let us know we aren’t alone and that these things are normal. It is all in how we approach situations and self-care that we can truly become better at taking care of us first so that our loved ones and the world can enjoy us being our best selves.

With the advice I provided today I hope I could reach someone and let them know they aren’t alone and that self-care takes practice. We are all on this journey called life, and we need one another to help lift each other up. Just, remember that we can’t lift up if we aren’t taking care of ourselves.